Laurent Siebenmann



Laboratoire de Topologie et Dynamique
Bât 425, bureau 234 Université de PARIS-SUD
91405 Orsay, France
Tel: (33-1-) (01-) 6915-5772 (bureau)
(33-1-) (01-) 6915-7949 (secretariat)
(33-1-) (01-) 4735-8862 (domicile)
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A list of items present here.

Expositions, notably the infinitely charming tract "Geometry and the Imagination" by Conway, Doyle, Gilman, and Thurston".

Lecture notes, notably a my first course delivered at Orsay, written up by A.Chenciner, M.Herman, and F.Laudenbach.

Theses, notably those by Michel BOILEAU 1985, Harrie HENDRICKSE 1975, Takao MATUMOTO 1975, Banwari SCHARMA 1982, and Zuei-Zong YEH 1959.

Historical documents, notably the 1960 correspondence between Maurizio Peixoto and Ren'e Thom concerning the famous Closing Lemma of smooth dynamics. Go to Christian Bonatti's for the huge devellopments that have followed.



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